Program Partners

The Alaska Climate Science Center is designed to encourage, facilitate, and participate in cooperative action to address climate adaptation science needs across the entire Alaska region. The Alaska CSC will primarily, but not exclusively, rely upon priorities identified by Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) and will coordinate or integrate scientific activities with other public and private science entities working in the region.


DOI Resource Management Partners Host & Research Partners
Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
Aleutian & Bering Sea Islands
North Pacific
Northwest Boreal
Western Alaska

Resource Management Partners
National Park Service
USDA Forest Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Host Institution
University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Alaska Southeast
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Park Service
USDA Forest Service
US Fish and Wilflife Service
USGS Alaska Science Center
Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning
Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
International Arctic Research Center
Institute of Northern Engineering
Alaska Climate Research Center
UAF Geophysical Institute